Commercial Roof Maintenance – Keeping Gutters Clean in the Fall

When you own a commercial property or are responsible for commercial roof maintenance, it’s important to inspect your facility’s roof. By performing periodic maintenance and making vital repairs before cold weather sets in, you can catch small problems before they cause building damage. As we approach fall in St. Louis, we’ll start to see beautiful autumn leaves fall. This natural debris can be damaging.

Debris Buildup on Your Building

When fall leaves begin to collect, ass it takes is a little rainfall any those light-weight leaves will begin to quickly biodegrade into a soggy mess that invites mold and clogs drains on your investment property. If not properly removed, leaves and natural debris can lead to backed-up water. Standing water adds live load onto a roof and roof deck. In addition to adding weight, standing water causes wear and tear on a roof, reducing the flexibility and life of the roof.

St. Louis winters are especially critical when it comes to roof inspections. Pooling water freezes and expands, which may cause structural damages to commercial buildings.

Preventative Building Maintenance

This autumn, be sure you or your maintenance crews are making frequent checks to prevent buildup of autumn leaves. Notice any roof staining? This could be a red flag, indicating previous ponding. Not all roof damage is obvious to the untrained eye, so it’s important to have an experienced roofing professional take a look.

Professional Roof

best st. louis commercial roofing inspection and repairInspection

A qualified roofing specialist can make sure your roofing inspection is thorough and that no common roof problems or issues are present, warranting roof repairs or maintenance services. United Construction Solutions provides easy to schedule roof inspections, performed by our team, comprised of local St. Louis roofing professionals ready to evaluate the condition of your commercial or residential roofing project.

Routine Roof Inspections & Preventative Maintenance

At UCS, our customers get the most for their commercial roof maintenance dollar. For the peace of mind that comes with knowing your commercial facility’s roof is in the best possible shape going into winter in St. Louis and Arnold, MO – give our Roofing Department a call today to learn more about commercial roofing in St. Louis.



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