When it’s Time to Paint Your House

Painting your house as a DIY project is hard. It can be time consuming, inconvenient and stressful. However, it can be a good investment that extends the integrity of your house, which to most families is their single greatest asset. Not only is a fresh coat of paint your home’s first defense against the elements, it’s also the first impression guests and potential buyers receive when visiting your property. If your paint is faded, chipped or peeling, it’s time to repaint.

Here are a few other common signs your house needs a fresh coat of paint:

Faded Paint

Color fading is common on most house paints. Especially with new homes, it’s common for builders and or real estate developers to use low or mid-grade paints. Also, the more vivid or vibrant your home colors are, the more noticeable faded paint colors can be. Bright colored paints can fade unevenly, leaving blotchy, uneven spots on your walls. The sun’s UV rays can also cause paint to fade or transform to a different shade than you were hoping for. It’s important to use high quality paint that can withstand sun bleaching and fading overtime.

Cracking or Flaking Paint

No one wants to discover their home has cracked or flaky paint. This can be especially worrisome because cracking paint is a common sign of dry rot and mold. You may even have damage underneath the paint that needs to be properly addressed or treated by an experienced painting pro in your area.

Ugly Paint Stains

Water stains and general wear-and-tear are common, especially when you have young kids running around the house. A fresh coat of paint not only gives your home an affordable “face lift” it can also help to keep your property maintained over time. Stains can be a symptom of bigger issues or potential health hazards. The painters at United Construction Solutions advise the proper identification of any potential issues such as harmful mold, mildew, or ugly water stains.

Professional Painting in St. Louis

For quality craftmanship in repainting or repairing your building, you can trust the professionals at United Construction Solutions in Arnold, MO. Our licensed and insured team of painters work to identify signs of paint deterioration and fix them using only the best available premium paints and painting tools. Because we have a dedicated team of professionals, we can complete your painting projects with minimal inconvenience to you, so your home is ready for you to enjoy. Our painters work meticulously and within schedule, so you can take care of other things instead of worrying about a frustrating DIY painting headache. United Construction Solutions is St. Louis’ choice for general contractor services including home remodeling, home insulation, and roof repair. We pride ourselves in our ability to handle every home construction, roofing, or siding project in St. Louis with care and confidence.

To schedule your painting estimate or to discuss your next home improvement project with a member of our customer care team, please reach out to our general construction office near Fenton, MO. We’re available to help you accomplish your home improvement, restoration or commercial property renovation, on-site anywhere near St. Louis, Chesterfield, St. Charles, Downtown St. Louis or Illinois.


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